1. How are you able to offer such low rates?
We eliminated the overhead that makes other paging companies have to charge higher rates. We keep things simple. Customer Service is completed by email or text support. Give us a try, we think you will be very pleased. :o)

2 .What's with the name? Pager99 ?
Our base service is $99/year. What better name than our rate? We offer pagers, the service is $99/year....Pager99. Simple.

3. What if I buy a pager and it doesn't work or I don't like it?
Return it within 30 days for a refund less 15% and less shipping costs. Simple.

4. What happens if the pager breaks or malfunctions during my prepaid service term?
Purchase our protection plan when you order service and we will send you another for half price Don't purchase our protection plan and we will send you another for $39.95 to $179.95. Order replacement pagers online. If pager malfunctions during first 90 days after receipt of activated pager or if you have purchased our protection plan, we will exchange your malfunctioning pager free of charge. After 90 days, if you did not purchase our protection plan you will need to purchase a replacement pager.

5. How do I use pager voicemail?
Voicemail and Numeric Retrieval instructions:

The default access code is normally the last 4 digits of your pager's capcode. The capcode is a 7 or 9 digit number that is listed on the paperwork that came with your pager and may also be printed on the back label of your pager.

1. Dial your pager phone number.
2. Enter 0 while operator is speaking.
3. Enter your 4 digit access code after operator voice asks for it.
4. Enter 11 for greeting mode.
5. Enter 30 to begin recording.
6. Press 1 to stop recording
7. Enter 40 if you would like to listen to your new greeting message.
The above steps (4,5,6,7) are required only to set up the message that your callers will hear (custom voiceprompt) when they dial your pager number.

To listen to your messages follow steps 1,2, and 3 then hit 3 to hear messages you may also hit the * key on your phone for a help message that lists all available options.
When your pager beeps with your own pager phone number, this is your indication that someone has left a voice message. If a caller just wants to leave a numeric message, they do not have to wait for your entire greeting to play, they can begin dialing their phone number as soon as your greeting begins.

If you would like to change your voicemail access code: enter your current access code, dial 173, then your new 4 digit access code and finally #. Your new access code will then be active.

If you would like to access numeric retrieval, follow steps 1,2 and 3, then dial 14, then 3 to listen the numeric pages that were sent to your pager. The system will retain up to the last 15 numeric pages sent.

If you have the page forward option enabled, follow steps 1, 2 and 3, the dial 16, then dial 6 and enter the pager number to be forwarded and the # sign ( only enter the last 7 digits of the pager number ) To cancel page forward follow steps 1 - 4 and press 3 to cancel call forward

6. Where's your phone number? I want to call you.
We communicate through email and text only. This is the primary reason we can keep our rates low. If you do not like to communicate via email or text, then pager99 may not be for you. If you like to save money, then pager99 is for you.

7. What if I find I am not using my pager or don't need it anymore sometime into my year of prepaid service?
After 30 days, Pager99 does not issue refunds, however if you are not using your pager. Cancel the service and any remaining time will be available for you to use at a later date. So for example, if you are 9 months into your year of prepaid service and wish to cancel, you will have 3 months of service left that you may use at a later date. We must advise you that if you cancel service, your same pager telephone number may not be available for reconnection and a new pager telephone number may have to be activated.

8. What happens if I move? Can I use my pager in the new city/state?
In most but not all cases, we can transfer your service to your new home area. You can always use our coverage verification maps to check coverage in the new area. If there is no coverage or no local phone numbers in the area you are moving to, you may switch to our D.A.W.N. paging service and/or add a toll free telephone number for additional cost.

9. Can I buy a pager with less than 12 months of prepaid service?
Yes! Pager99.com offers low cost pagers and inexpensive paging service with annual prepaid paging service, however if you don't want to lay out the money upfront, you may choose our monthly plan. You may choose monthly or annual pager deals by selecting the appropriate category in the "categories" box on the top left of our website.

10. Do you offer group rates?
Our rates are the same regardless of quantity of pagers ordered. If you would like to purchase a large number of pagers with service for a group, we can make special shipping arrangements that allow individual group members to order separately, but have all of the pagers ship together in one box to save shipping costs. Contact us with your special requirements using the contact pager99 link at the top of this page.

11. How does your billing work?
We send all bills via email mail...Your choice.  Make sure you have a valid email address on file to avoid missing the renewal bill or payment reminder and being disconnected. We bill on the 1st of the month for service due to renew the following month. For example... if your 12 month service period renews June 1st, we email your renewal bill on May 1st and it's due on June 1st. Pay the 1st of the month due if you would like to renew, if not, we will allow a grace period until the 4th of the month and then your service will auto disconnect on the 5th of the month due if your bill remains unpaid. A $10 reconnection fee will be required if service is disconnected for non payment and then reconnected at a later date.

13. How do I send a page?
1. Call your pager phone number

2. After the beep tones or voicemail greeting, type in the phone number that you would like to display on the pager, then press the pound sign on your telephone keypad (#). You will hear a series of fast beeps, you may then hang up.

3. If the pager has voicemail and you would like to leave a voice message, wait for the tone, leave a short message, then hang up. Do not press the pound sign (#) if leaving voicemail. Only press # if typing in a number.

4. If you have an alphanumeric word pager and would like to send a word message to the pager, you would send it to the pager's email address which will be the 10 digit pager phone number @ either usamobility.net or amsmsg.net depending on which paging carrier the pager is activated with.

14. How long should it take to receive my order?
Orders for in-stock merchandise normally ship within 72 hours of successful payment authorization. Longer processing times may occur if an order is placed on a weekend, holiday or during a peak shopping season such as Christmas, Easter and during back to school periods. If you choose priority mail delivery, orders will deliver 2 to 3 days after shipping. If you are in a rush, you may choose express mail or UPS overnight delivery.

15. Can I reactivate a pager that I purchased from another pager company?
Unfortunately, No. Pagers can only be reactivated that originally came from pager99.com.

16. What are your business hours?
Pager99 support is available Monday - Friday from 10am to 6pm eastern time. You may email us 24 hours a day / 7 days a week using the "contact pager99" link located in the top menu of pager99.com.  You may also text us using the text bar at the bottom of pager99.com Answers to emailed inquiries will be responded to during regular business hours.