Who uses pagers?

Why are millions of pagers still in use in 2022?

After all, doesn't everyone just use a cell phone with text messaging?

We've seen the articles declaring the death of the pager and we hear it all day long..

"Do they still make those things"?, "Pagers are old school", "What's that???!!!!" "I haven't seen one of those since the 90's!", and last but not least..."Why would anyone use a pager when they can have a cell phone"?

With millions of pagers in use today, Let us be the first to tell you that pagers are not only alive and well, but are THE backup communication source relied upon by people who absolutely have to be accessible. 

Pagers provide an easy, inexpensive and reliable way to stay in touch. The main reason pagers have stood the test of time is because they provide privacy and urgency over and above what a cell phone by itself can provide.

Pagers are more reliable and much less expensive. While we would never say a pager is a substitute for a cellphone, just as a motorcycle is not a substitute for a car....Pagers have their place as a dependable wireless communication tool and when used in conjunction with a cell phone, you will not only have a backup communication tool, but you will also have piece of mind.

Paging is speedy and reliable, it is cost effective, it has excellent coverage and building penetration, it is simple, it rarely suffers from congestion, recent events have shown that it works even in times of disaster as opposed to cellphones, and it has a unique facility in Group Calling where large numbers of pagers can be paged simultaneously.

Not everyone is so important that they need backup communication, but when your burglar alarm goes off or your patient needs you or your kids need a ride home and your cellphone is in a dead spot, keep in mind that for under $9/month...you too can have an alternative communication solution for the people who rely upon you as opposed to just not getting the call in time and missing out.