How to send a page to a pager

  • Dial the pager phone number from a touch tone phone
  •  After the beeps or voice prompt, type in the number that you would like to have appear on the pager display then press the # button on the phone keypad
  • Within 30 seconds to 5 minutes, the pager should beep or vibrate and display the number that was typed in.
  •  If you pager has voicemail…Your caller may choose to leave a voice message instead of typing in a number, they would simply leave a voice message. 
  •  If a voice mail has been left by your caller, you pager will display YOUR OWN PAGER PHONE NUMBER which symbolizes that a caller has left a voice mail. From a phone, dial your pager phone number, type 0, then your access code and 3 to listen to the voicemail message.