Pagers 99

Who still uses pagers?

It's amusing to see the response from people that see pagers these days, a silly grin, a shake of the head, almost like they are in a museum and see a relic from the past.

The fact that cell phones are the prominent form of wireless communications today doesn't mean there aren't uses for paging.

Pagers are low cost and work in situations that compliment phones.

If you have a crew of workers that perform labor intensive work and you simply need to get a hold of one of the workers, pagers prove indispensable and reliable. Regardless if it's a landscaping crew, a maintenance worker at an apartment complex or a student involved in a group project. Pagers work and if lost or damaged, don't cost a fortune to replace or require a two year contract.

Privacy and urgency are two of the most important reasons pagers are still in use. Doctors and other medical professionals need to be alerted quickly and don't need the intrusiveness that cellphones often present. An example is a doctor who is having a conference with a patient, leaving a cellular phone turned on can be very intrusive between calls and texts coming in frequently. A separate pager set to vibrate can alert a doctor to an urgent situation much more discreetly.

Alarm systems set to alert a pager in the middle of the night during your sleeping hours is much more convenient than keeping your phone turned on with a strong possibility of a call or text disrupting your rest.

As you can see, there are many reasons why pagers still have their place even with today's advanced technology.

For those of you more concerned with privacy and urgency but not concerned about phones disrupting your everyday situations, our D.A.W.N paging service makes use of your phone by providing pages via text messaging or email without the need to carry a separate pager.