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Apollo XL2000 1-Way Numeric Pager (Brand New) with 3-Month Prepaid Service

Apollo XL2000 1-Way Numeric Pager (Brand New) with 3-Month Prepaid Service

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The following pager / service packages are available for this product:

3-Month Prepaid Numeric Service @ $38.97/qtr + $80.00 pager cost = $118.97

The Apollo XL2000 is a classic full-size numeric pager with a rugged, top-read design. This pager is the tradesman's choice when a heavier duty pager is required. 

Features include:

  • A display invert setting to rotate the display orientation 180 degrees — ideal for clipping the pager to a vehicle visor or other location where it would typically be upside down;
  • A holographically-enhanced LCD for improved clarity, paired with dual backlights;
  • A strong removeable belt clip;
  • Hand programming mode for changing capcodes and other basic settings directly from the pager, simplifying redeployment or reassignment without external programming equipment;
  • Power from a single AA battery (included) (plus lithium backup battery).
  • 2 multi-function navigation buttons; 4-in-1 push button slide switch for dedicated control over pager on/off, alert type (beep or vibe), and backlight
  • Holographically-enhanced LCD, approximately 1-3/8″ x 3/8″ (35 x 10mm); 1 line / 12 characters with display invert (rotates display orientation 180 degrees); power-saving dual backlights; low battery indicator
  • Beep (8 beep, 16 melody); Vibe; LED flash; LCD
  • 16 total memory slots for incoming and saved messages; selective message lock / delete; unread message indicator; duplicate message indicator; message full indicator; unread message reminder; message error indicator
  • Month, Date, Year, Time display
  • Heavy gauge polycarbonate plastic
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